A 28 year old photographer based out of New York- a student of photography, an apsiring artist who takes a laxed but meticulous approach, loves to travel and share human connections. At the heart of it, I am a lover of light who is always searching to discover moments in the peripherals. An image from a photographer comes from a very venerable space, a window into their mind and understanding of what is around them.


I graduated Cal State University Fullerton in 2015 with a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in Cinematic Arts. The day after graduating I started work as a production coordinator for an independent film company in Brea. I was working 8-9 hours a day and I had no creative outlet thus my curiosity of stills began to form. I discovered an app called Instagram, and was exposed to a subculture of artists traveling and creating which served as a document that I was jealous of. 6 months into working at my desk 8-9 hours a day, my department was let go. I spent the next 3 months driving for Lyft and slowly starting to book my first models for photoshoots. I was down on myself, I wasn’t where I wanted to be and out of a constant stream of income. I landed a job at a microspectrophotometer company, we created UV-VIS-NIR microscopes for forensics and scientific applications. I beat out over 1,000 applicants and was very proud, this was my first job with a salary, benefits and I was very happy. I had a beautiful girlfriend, and I had money to travel and create, and was still under my parents health insurance. I had a lot of growing pains at this job, standards were high, it was a pressure cooker. I maintained a consistency and a level head throughout it all. I advanced as a marketing manager, sales forecaster, product photographer, software engineer, etc. In May 2018 I left the company to pursue my dreams of being a creative artist. A few month priors my girlfriend of 5 years and I split up. I spent the next year traveling across the country, visiting 30 states, networking, learning a lot about myself on the road and spending long periods of time in solitude reevaulating my purpose and direction. I spent 6 years in college, was I going to throw it all away to pursue freelancing? I learned a lot of film during this 1 year of discovery, I played with a variety of film stocks, I had the time to feel out and think in depth about location and people I was meeting. I learned to develop film and print myself. This may have been the most important time in my life, a lot of loss, a lot of moving, a lot of reflection. As this was happening I started working for Andrew Dice Clay, a comedian back in the 90’s, he was with a company called GaS Digital based in New York. Before deciding to move to New York, I tinkered around with moving to Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington and spent time in each place before settling in NYC. I packed my car after my birthday in mid-May 2019 and took my Toyota Corolla to NYC in about a week. I found a job working for Gas Digital, I found an apartment, all of this was slow to come, within 2 weeks of being here, built my desk, my dresser, my bed and finally got settled, and here we are. In any project going forward I put 110% of myself, I have finally learned-after much trail and error- that this is where I want and why I belong here.

Short Resume

2009 :: Glendora High School, Glendora, CA

2009 - 2012 :: Citrus College, A.A. Business Administration, Azusa, CA

2012 - 2015 :: Cal State University Fullerton, B.A. Economics, B.A. Cinematic Arts

2005 - 2015 :: Sales Associate / Audio Engineer @ The Fret House, Covina, CA

2015 :: Production Coordinator @ Little Brother Sight & Sound, Brea, CA

2016 - 2018 :: CRAIC Technologies, San Dimas, CA

2018 - :: Freelance Photographer, Glendora, CA

2019 :: GaS Digital Networks, New York, New York