Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea

I met Allison Sherman (@allisonsherman4) at meet-up a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. I had been wanting to explore the desert with a group of creatives, I guess the time was right because it came together smoothly. Allison was very vocal about making these trips happen and she is the perfect person to work with because she is punctual and positive and gets work done. When I find someone with that can't contain their creatives juices, as I can't, I get really inspired and it pushes me to do even greater work. It's a beautiful thing to see the differences in the way a photographer shoots the same subject because their image tells what they see and I think that is deeply personal.

On trip number one we shot at the Rainbow Basin with Victoria Fiore (@bihourly) and the next, we ventured Joshua Tree and the Salton Sea. Joshua Tree was a party, we had 12 people swinging with different photographers and models. We deliberated plans for the Salton Sea at lunch, and caught the most beautiful, nostalgic, sunset. It will be one of those days I look back on and remember the magic that was in the air that night. Spend your time doing the things you love most and your heart will flutter and you will feel happy about yourself. I remember why I fell in love with photography again.