My First Roll of Film

I had been wanting to try 35mm for a long time, I finally kicked myself into going to a local camera store, Powell Camera Shop in Covina, and I picked up an old 70's Minolta SRT202 and Kodak 400 ISO film. The owner who helped me was very kind and taught me for, what seemed like a half and hour, giving a free film camera lesson. For that I am very grateful. Kindness goes far. Over the next weeks I brought it along to various places as a secondary camera.

I am now very fond of the 35mm aesthetic and I'm happy I recognized this next step in my camera education. I think these directions are spiritual. I know this is what I am supposed to be doing, I find much joy and fullness while I am out shooting, I learn so much and meet many people whom I'd never meet if it wasn't for my excuse of taking their portrait. Salem, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine - I'm coming for you with the 35mm! I cannot wait... I think about my trip daily. Anyway, I went out and picked up an Epson v550 today, these are the scans of the negatives from that scanner.