Creative Portrait Photography

as seen under the “digital portfolio” tab

Ideal for

  • Graduation

  • Model

  • A business professional looking to add a picture to their resume, or picture for email and Linkedin

  • Headshot for actor or actress

  • Any artist, painters, musicians, dancer, singer

  • Advancing social media presence

  • Anyone who appreciates a more artist approach to photography

I encourage the use of props and freedom to be as creative as possible. This is my bread and butter, this is what I travel the country doing. I have worked with a variety of artists from over 30 states with all different personality types. No limits, a solid creative photo stands out among the rest, if you take the time to nurture an idea, that creative idea is loud and speaks volumes, it cuts through the other noise so-to-speak.

“Creative Portrait Photography” is what I call the type of photographs under the “Digital Portfolio” tab. They are a type of headshot. They aim to capture a natural expression with vivid features. Each shot is set-up carefully, I work with the light to wrap around the face in the best possible way. The minutia is extracted and detail is extremely important. I try to capture a feeling that stands the test of time, an experience you can proudly look back on, and an image to advance any personal application.

I spend roughly 3-4 hours per image in the edit bay on these. I make adjustments to all aspects of the images. When I think I have the image perfect, I take a day off and come back the next day with fresh eyes to make further adjustments.

For these types of images, I take my time and relax. I work with you and give you detailed direction.

I shoot in RAW and deliver in the highest quality available. These can later be used for resumes, for printing large prints, social media, or various marketing possibilities.

Options are based on merely the quantity of the images you are asking for. Most of the work, aside from the consultation, planning, organizing, and the creative element direction, comes on my editing side. I am not strict on time, we if go 15-30 minutes over, that is not a big deal to me. Each image will be sent via WeTransfer in the highest quality format. Turnaround time is estimated to be 2 weeks. I ask for a 50% initial fee of the total price before, and the other 50% the day we shoot.

Creative Portrait Package #1


Any location in NYC, up to 1 hour of shooting, 3 images of detailed retouching and coloring.

Creative Portrait Package #2


Any location in NYC, up to 2 hours of shooting, 5 images of detailed retouching and coloring.

Creative Portrait Package #3


Any location in NYC, up to 3 hours of shooting, 7 images of detailed retouching and coloring.