what equipment do you use?

In any situation I try to minimize the set-up and try to compartmentalize exactly what is required for the shoot in my brain. If possible I like to have all my ideas thought out so I am not doing any heavy lifting or making huge creative choices while on set. In a perfect world I like to go back and forth with the model making sure we are on the same wave length before we start. I think a good artist is well-prepared but also has great improvisation skills. Adapting to a location or mood is essential because you need to tell the truth.

The past 6 months I have experimented with medium format film. I have dropped 35mm film.

I currently use the following equipment with respects to project type.

Mamiya 645 Pro | 65mm, 127mm, 180mm

Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD | 80mm, 110mm

Yashica 124-G | 80mm

Sony A7rii | 35mm, 50mm, 85mm

where do you find your locations?

Mountains, farms, rivers, fields and deserts, they each have a certain personality and wonder to them. I am attracted to location that require some amount of effort, or an adventure for the experience that bleeds onto the photograph. There's something magic that happens and it's the energy in the air created from focus and passion, you see things that are not there. It's not anything more than researching the area and looking for decent light.

how do you find the models you work with?

I favor subjects who are patient, can listen, who can contribute and articulate ideas, who can convey moods with body expressions. I can see that in their work, through our chats. I find models almost strictly through Instagram.