Thought #2

An experience leading up to taking an image often has a greater meaning if it starts in a state of vulnerability. It's defenseless, then transforms out of a feeling and into a visual. Lately I've been having trouble latching on to a purpose again. It is the result of my feelings being misdirected. Love is absent. 

I don't particularly welcome these moments in my life, but I don't try to pretend they don't happen. Instead I fully immerse myself in them -letting them run their intended cycle. If people shared more internal battles, I wouldn't feel so alone. I wish sometimes people could read my energy or feelings so I wouldn't need to speak. The importance of an image to me is for this very reason, you can simply show it, and if done correctly, those feelings hopefully trigger something in that person.

The people that tend to scare me most are the people who have nothing to say at all.

Thought #1

I have learned to turn off my mind and welcome spontaneity, that's when the straight mind twists itself into something beautiful. You really do need to start with one foot forward in a general direction but when the wind blows, you move with it. I am trying to attain to these magic moments more, it's environment meets philosophy. I need to direct and set these up more, I guess in a way it's not really spontaneous.