Who am I?

I'm a 26 year old artist, weekend warrior, and student of photography.  I must preface, I do not claim to be a seasoned working photographer, or have professional credentials to be teaching photography. I am merely presenting this publicly to share my experiences and discoveries about the process and art of photography. My knowledge is limited to only what I have experienced first hand. I have had a lot of good mentors in my life that I deeply appreciate and gave their time teaching at no cost. I hope to help in the same way for those starting out as a photographer, or those currently going through this journey with me.

Art has always been an attraction in my life. Perhaps it had been the many influential strokes of magic I saw in each artist, using their freedom as a window to their perspective. I realized early on that artists were complex beings, that had a deep sense of self reflection, and did some remarkable work. I also later learned that many, if not all, were misunderstood, rejects of some sort and underappreciated for the work they put into the process. Normalcy sparked my curiosity but I let any chance of that happening at the early age of 14. At the time I was collecting guitar pedals and walked into a local guitar store. If I remember correctly I bought a Electro Harmonix Big Muff, and walked out with a job setting up concerts and selling retail instruments for the next decade. I met lots of great artists, of all genres throughout high school, I learned how to appreciate and listen to all types of music. At 16, I joined my church's worship group and my high school jazz ensemble as a guitar player. At the end of high school, I had enough money working minimum wage jobs to start my own production company. I would compete in local festivals and would stalk actors at the local community college for them to partake in my project. The first film I did was called "A Fetal Encounter", I was either 19 or 20 and had gathered nearly 100 people to work on this science fiction passion project. I later created a 12 episode science fiction web-series called "The Neighbourhood", a 1 hour long 1950's genre film called "Melissa" and many others. Fast forward through 6 years in college, I have two degrees, Economics B.A. and Cinematic Arts B.A. The day after graduation in May 2015 I land a job at a small production company where I work as a producer. I retired quickly from video production the minute I took the job. I did not have time creating on such large scales. In March 2016 my analytical mind desperately needed attention, and landed a microspectrophotometer job that required "a degree". This is where I still work today. This is what allows me to be a photographer, for now. 

My official photography journey started in March 2016 when I discovered an Instagram photographer named Mark Harless, or Bleeblu. I think this was the first photographer I found on Instagram, and after seeing his profile once, I wanted to be in that world. Photography just logically fit. It was still art, but only a 2 or 3 hour commitment on the weekends, connecting with people and adventuring with other models and photographers was something I needed after a stressful work week in the office. I contacted Mark and had the camera in my hands a week later. I did not have any lenses or any real knowledge on what the next step would be. This is where I can start to share what I have learned so far, a place where I can think out loud. I hope you enjoy!