Day 2 - Portland, Oregon

I wonder how long it will be before I go crazy from no structure and no comfort. It's the second day of the exploration journey and I am beginning preparing for when I lose myself from being on the road.

Today was about finding those magic spots, the areas where the model becomes part of the surroundings. I don't ever know it will be, but I think some sort of energy attracts to a spot and suddenly I know the missing variables in the equation. Lilah had to drive home today for a family members graduation. It sounds like she has a lot of people that care about her. Do you ever wonder how many people care about you? The morning started with heavy pressing on my chest. I knew I only had hours with her and needed to create something decently visually stunning with some emotion. The night prior, we were downtown Portland at a bar called Rialto trying to figure out today's shooting locations. The idea of shooting around downtown Portland came up although in my heart I knew I would need something more majestic and push boundaries in someway. I needed to grow out of old molds or expectations. I stayed up late after posting the blog and let all prior ideas leave my system. There was a realization that that wasn't staying true to what my spirit wanted to express. It came easy after that, if there's going to be one thing I probably won't see anywhere else on my travels, it would be a waterfall. So today, we went to Multnomah and Latourell Falls.

On our way to Multnomah we both felt like we needed to trespass and take photos underneath a bridge, a bridge where insects I didn't even know existed presented themselves to us. I didn't know slugs can be 4 inches long and look like animal poop. Multnomach was quick, Lilah met a new friend who played the flute from New Mexico, and they hit it off right away. We ate our muffins and drank our tea/water and left, it was a short visit, but it was a beautiful start to the morning. I even got asked to take pictures of an Amish family, which was a pleasure of a lifetime! The camera must have been- and I'm not exaggerating, from the late 90's? 

On our way to Latourell, Lilah wanted to pet horses, as one does. We found a few horses on a private property, but were denied. I think she got an Instagram video of the horses coming up and explaining why their caretakers were assholes. At Latourell what I found interesting was an entire row of cars were from different states, in the order of: Portland, New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida, Washington and Arizona. At the waterfall, a few other people our age were doing photoshoots, I felt really comfortable with them and we spoke with them after. The shots we got I knew would colorgrade well, and in a landscape of that scale it is best to do a bodyscape with a mood which I felt was more submissive to the environment around her, surrendering to mother nature. 

Today ensured that my improvisational skills are not the worst and that I should inevitably always trust my gut. 

Lilah left, I shot with @filthdegree, who I am very happy I had the experience to shoot with. Recommended by my Utah friend @alexandra.well. She is a master expressionist because she conjures up feelings, it's authentic and everything I have ever wanted in an art partner. The location was of her choosing and married my idea beautifully. I enjoyed our shoot and our conversation on the way to the spots, I think I only shot about 100 photos, which is low for me, but I didn't need to shoot anymore because I'm trying to be better at directing. I was a bit exhausted from running around all day, but I survived the day and grabbed some Dollar Tree juices and waters for the trip up to Washington tomorrow. I am still confirming models and have a shoot with @mayadessa tomorrow morning before I go up. I also check out of my Airbnb so I prepared my breakfast and bags tonight. I learned that being naked in Portland isn't agains't the law, and it was crazy to see high schoolers lighting up joints downtown in the midst of being in public. 

One last thing, Mac Demarco and Portland around 7:30 PM driving through the suburbs is a magical experience.