Day 5 - Olympia, Washington

I have been stretched thin over the last few days, between driving, communicating with details on shoots and taking care of my own responsibilities, I am growing appreciative of the job skills I learned over the past 3 years at my full-time job, and 6 years in college, to handle stress and multi-task while keeping a level head. I have also learned the value of improvising and spontaneity, and 'reading' into locations to figure out what they are trying to tell me. It's a puzzle at this point, some locations are harder then others to figure out.

Today I woke up early to research a location for a shoot. I found one that was unique and sent the address. This was around 7 AM and we had planned for morning, by 10 AM I still had not received a response, this is normal. If this happened a year ago, I would have probably freaked out, but in "art land", magic moments can happen in 1/250th of a second. I showered, packed my bags and left my Airbnb to the location- I figured if I didn't shoot with a model, I could still get some exercise and hopefully a few landscapes. I went to send Sequoia's necklace that I forgot I had in my pocket, but the postal service only accepted cash, I swung around to the other parking lot and got cash out to make this happen, I figured I needed to buy time to see if I got a response back. I explained to the one person working at the post office that I needed to send this necklace back and by the expression on her face, I think she thought I had a one night stand. Bam, a message from the model, she had just woken up and was getting ready. Great. I grabbed breakfast, and headed on over. In order to buy more time with her I organized my bags and got the car ready for the drop off. Our shoot went quiet well, we even were on exhibit for some grade school children touring the park. She explained that her manager really liked my work and gave her the approval to shoot with me, I thought that was reassuring and I'm happy that people react to it.

It was obvious when I hit Portland, homeless people and gas station workers begging for tips appeared. I turned in my car and I left an expensive camera lens hood in there by accident, shit. I walked across the street and requested an Uber to PDX. I got in late to Boise, and I was really tired. I had Taco Bell and went to the house my godmother was nice enough to let me stay at in Hidden Springs, Idaho. On the flight over I had a lay over, however my first plane came in late, and I had to take shuttle to another terminal. There was a girl who was running next to me, I asked her where she was going, and it turns out we had the same flight. She didn't have a ticket or know what gate to go to, so I realized that's why I unknowingly asked her. We made small talk for the next 10-15 minutes running around to the furthest opposite point of the airport. I remembered that she sat next to me when we were boarding the first flight and I thought she looked older and looked like she had a lot going on. When we spoke to each other I felt like she was younger and that I was the only focus on her mind. It was such a strange realization, how people can change their whole demeanor when you know them. I told her not to worry, that we would make our flight, I said we had 10 minutes. Two minutes later, I asked the person taking the tickets if they were still boarding, and she said, "yes, for 8 more minutes". I thought that was strange. I honestly feel like I don't have freewill, because I know things and times before they happen sometimes. I sat in my seat, the girl sat in her seat a few rows back. I looked back at her, and she looked back at me like "let's talk", she looked excited and her eyes were big, maybe curious. It seemed like she wanted to talk more, and I wanted to too. I wondered if I could sit next to her, but I didn't and thought about what more we could have talked about. Do you recall any missed connections?

I sat next to a man who worked on ships, he had his life planned out, he was getting married next month and was moving to Japan with his wife. He seemed much older than me, by the end he was young to me.