Day 7 - Boise, Idaho

Last night on my way home from strolling downtown Boise, I was following a driver who suddenly stopped on the one road going toward our community. To get to Hidden Springs in Idaho you need to drive a single lane road for roughly 10 minutes. When the driver stopped, I frantically stopped as well, then made the decision to go around him. When I did this he laid on his horn and turned on his brights. I saw that I only had a few miles to go, the lights were blinding and so I ducked my head and rode it out. Upon the turn into our community, I pulled over because I had the thought that he was mistaking me for someone else. Perhaps a car that looked like mine cut him off earlier or, any other odd possibility. When I pulled over he also pulled over. I got out of my car to confront this person. I had no idea who he was with or what he was going to do, but as always, I felt like I was going to be okay. It was about 10:00 PM - the sun was still setting, he was an older gentleman, about 50 years of age and with his wife. I asked him what was going on. His retort was "what is your problem?", I told him I didn't see a problem. He continued to ask why I was following him and he had his cell phone recording me. I told him he did not have my permission to film me and that it was illegal to film without my consent. The reason I was following him was because it was a one lane road, I had no other choice but to follow him. I let him know that I did not have my brights on when I was following him and that there was no problem to be addressed. When he blinded me, it obstructed my view, I could have crashed because of his faulty assumptions. Meanwhile his wife whispered to him, "let's just go", three times. I told him that I would appreciate it if he deleted the video and I walked back to my car because there was nothing else to discuss. The entire time his anger was coming out from his eyes, but I was used to it, as my former boss would do that a lot to me. As I walked back to my car, he said "I will". That was the last of it, I didn't ever understand where he was coming from, I also never received an apology.

Today I shot with Elizabeth Hasbrouck and her agent who set it up, Tina from Tatum Productions. Tina was a great communicator and had a lot of patience regarding my replies as I was traveling. It is sometimes difficult to be a one man show. The shoot went well, I did feel a little out of place  in the beginning, but I found the flow and it turned out to be a nice morning shoot. For our first location it was a random house that I thought had nice lighting that I scouted the day before, and for the second location I felt like it was another "meant-to-be" location. I told them I was going to find a location, although I had no idea where it was, and as I turn the corner there was a gorgeous white flower bush, the owner was on a couch in his garage on the phone and I spoke to him about letting us use his space. He was very kind, he offered me a drink and told me that he was an artist himself. When I went back to let them know, Tina had a neat tulle that we used, it had a different style that created a whole new shape out of Elizabeth and I was super down for the weirdness. Since we used a rose bush, there was many bees that flew into the many layers of the tulle, luckily the owner had no fear and helped us out taking them out. 

Later in the day I met with Hannah, who was very helpful in many ways and had these beautiful freckles and a nice relaxing attitude that I got along with well. She said she had a friend who went to APU, I told her I lived only 10 minutes from APU and just reaffirmed a small world.